Our Mission

The Mission of the Flint Development Group is to provide facilities where the residents of Flint and Genesee County can safely engage in recreational, social, educational, cultural, community service, civic, and governmental activities.


Our Vision

The Vision for the FLINT DEVELOPMENT CENTER is empowered individuals and families engaged in opportunities that will display responsible citizenship and stewardship within the Flint community and abroad.


The Plight of Flint

There exists the continued absence of a safe place for the citizens of the city of Flint to develop, exercise, build partnerships and learn. Although we face a number of inhuman circumstances, including a water-crisis that limits our ability to use safe drinking water, we believe that some of the anti-social activity in our city can be diminished if we create a common ground place for all citizens to safely interact while practicing the principles of community.


Our Plan

We've renovated the former Bunche Elementary School at 4121 Martin Luther King Avenue in Flint Michigan into the FLINT DEVELOPMENT CENTER!



The Flint Development Group is comprised of citizens and friends of Flint Michigan who've dedicated ourselves to helping the city of Flint be a center for pro-social activity.