WE'll NEVER Forget about the positive impact of BUNCHE ELEMENTARY!

Bunche Elementary School, Flint Michigan

Bunche Elementary School, Flint Michigan

Calling all Bunche Elementary School Alumni! This is a great opportunity to link with former students and administrators, and work toward the goal of re-opening Bunche in a way that reflects its rich heritage. As a former student/administrator, we want you to be able to further solidify your individual place in the history of the great BUNCHE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL.

First, we ask that you would join/like our FACEBOOK page to link up with other Alumni of Bunche Elementary.

Second, we ask that you would make a donation toward the renovation and maintenance of the FLINT DEVELOPMENT CENTER. A FLINT DEVELOPMENT CENTER - BUNCHE ALUMNI DONOR PLAQUE will be placed in the community room of the FLINT DEVELOPMENT CENTER, and names of donors (or donor name of choice) and their amount of donation will be on this specially designed plaque.

Finally, we ask that you would fill out and submit the form on this page (subject - Bunche Elementary Alumni) and allow us to add your name to our Bunche Alumni list so that we may communicate specifically designed for Bunche Elementary students and administrators!

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