Welcome to the Flint Development Center!

We are OPEN for the development of the citizens of Flint! As a multi-purpose facility for a number of key community resources - activities for Senior Citizens, Day Care & Latch Key, Youth Camps & Activities, Physical Fitness, Arts & Culture, On the Job Training, and Entrepreneurial Assistance - we're here to serve the community.

We've begun our Spring 2019 schedule and a listing of programs and activities can be found on our activities page!

Our MISSION is to provide a facility where the residents of Flint and Genesee County can safely engage in recreational, social, educational, cultural, community, service, civic, and governmental activities. We ENVISION empowered individuals and families engaged in opportunities that will display responsible citizenship and stewardship within the Flint community.

New Flint Community Water Lab set to open in October

We look forward to helping our community in crisis by building a new testing lab to provide free water testing for all Flint residents. The project will cost about 450 thousand dollars. The Hagerman Foundation and others have contributed about 250 thousand dollars so far. The Michigan Economic Development Corporation says it will kick in 35 thousand if the community can also raise that much by July 31st.

For more information about the forthcoming project, or make a donation, please click here.


The Literacy Lab is here!


Inside of the Flint Development Center is one of North Flint's premier projects for literacy development - The Literacy Lab.

Looking to encourage literacy through technology, we're happy to provide our community with the technological tools to make educational and occupational opportunities just a walk away! Equipped with both PC and Mac computers, users have at their fingertips the latest in technology - sponsored by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. For more information, contact us!

Literacy is the key! #successinthemaking

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